About Me

I’m a sophisticated European with class and elegance radiating from my gracious body, confident and alluring, distinctive, spontaneous and dazzling.

I have traveled the world and curious to explore new places and my adventurous soul will keep me wondering.

I hold a university degree and never stop learning and getting inspiration from classical books and music.  

Architecture and design are my passions. I enjoy going out and great French or Japanese cuisine will delight me. 

I can hold any conversation you might be interested in and have my opinion. I’m sensual and seductive and at the same time considering. With the right understanding of men’s dreams and wishes I can assure you –
What you say,
Is what you get.

I run my own blog which you are very welcome to go to soon. 

My morning starts with hot yoga and active sport classes are part of my weekly routine as well. 

I am emotionally intelligent and I do have a great sense of humour.